Cockroach Control Tips

cockroach control tipsCockroaches are one of the most common pests that are a nuisance to individuals and their households.Research shows that they are one of the most ancient survivors of earth as they have been in existence from a fairly long time ago. And as much as we want to totally get rid of them ourselves, we just can’t. That’s why we end up getting services from pest control companies such as Pest Control Perth to help us eliminate this pest from our house.

Cockroaches are a very big nuisance due to their characteristic of being natural born survivor.They can amazingly live for days without a head and even survive for days in a refrigerator.They can also live for several weeks without food and water among others.
They not only habit old houses but also find their way into new houses and inhabit them.

Cockroaches do not have any deadly effects on human beings but due to the fact that they like staying in dirty places,this brings a risk of them acting as germ carriers into ones household and this may be quite risky to the inhabitants.

It is necessary to employ certain tips that might help in keeping these pests under control.
It has been noted that cockroaches like dirty and dark places.One can use this trait to his or her advantage and ensure that top notch cleanliness is observed in all areas of the household.It is also good to ensure that ones house has good lighting in a bid to minimize dark places in the house.

These measures can act as a general cockroach control since they reduce the places that cockroaches can stay and often one will see one or two of them wandering about and this presents the chance of eliminating them.

The other area that needs to be kept in check is the kitchen.This is the most inhabited area due to the availability of food. One should therefore ensure all utensils are properly cleaned and properly dried after meals and all surfaces are properly wiped to remove any food particles that may attract cockroaches.It is also recommended that all food stuffs be stored properly in closed containers or packages and safely tucked into the refrigerator or properly closed cupboards.

However despite these measures stated above,cockroaches will still find their way into a household.This now brings the use of proven cockroach repellants for example borax.Borax should be mixed with food and thrown near places that cockroaches inhabit.

There are also other proven pest repellants in form of sprays,powders and electric emitters that may help repel these pests.However usage of these repellants should be controlled especially in households where there are children as they may be harmful to them when they play with them. Click here for more tips and information.


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