Remove Stains From Your Mattress With The Right Cleaning Supplies

mattressWhile you were removing the sheets from your mattress to throw them in the hamper, you may have instantly noticed that your mattress is not as clean as you thought it was. If you have owned it for a long time and have never thought to clean it, now may be the time to do so, especially if you want to avoid spending hundreds on a new one. Although it may seem like a detailed and complicated process, cleaning a mattress does not take much time or effort at all. However, if you really have a busy schedule, you can search for professional cleaners such as Carpet Cleaning Brisbane that offers good service at a reasonable price.

If you have an old spray container, open it up and prepare to use it. If the bottle is 8 ounces, you are going to need to combine 2 ounces of dish detergent, 2 ounces of water, 2 ounces of fabric softener, and 2 ounces of baking soda. Before you pop the lid back on the container, add 10-15 drops of lavender essential oil. Close your lid and shake that spray bottle for a few minute before you begin to spray the mattress down.

Even if you do not have a spray bottle, a squirt bottle will work just fine. When your homemade mattress cleaner is prepared, squirt it all over the mattress from top to bottom. The cleanser needs to sit for about an hour to work on pulling those stains and getting rid of any kind of odor that may have been left on your mattress. After leaving it sit for a good amount of time, head on over to the mattress and scrub it down with a rag.

The mattress may feel a bit moist when you are done rubbing it down. In that case, grab a dry towel and gently press down to remove any excess moisture. You should also consider placing a fan in front of the mattress so that it can dry quicker. When one side is dry, you will need to flip your mattress over and clean the other side too.

If you decide to clean your mattress, make sure you are doing so earlier on in the day. You would not want your mattress to feel damp or uncomfortable when you are trying to get some rest for the night. If you do it early enough in the day and have a fan over the mattress to help it dry, it should no longer be wet by the time to you are headed to bed.

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